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And Brow


The most luxurious cutting edge treatments offered exclusively at Skin Essentials

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Lash Lifts

*A facelift for your lashes

Skin Essentials offers the must-have natural lash enhancement that provides the perfect curl and lift that lasts up to eight weeks!

This treatment includes a Lash tint. You will love waking up with beautifully curled dark and lustrous lashes.


- Plan to be in the clinic for 60 minutes

- Suggested home care includes; Jane Iredale Lash Conditioner and Revive 7 Lash Serum

Lash Tinting

*Available as a stand-alone service as well

Lash tinting will bring noticeable life to light or unnoticeable lashes.  Because no one should go through life without great-looking lashes.


- Plan to be in the clinic for 25 minutes


Brow Shaping & Tint Package

*Available as a stand-alone service as well

They frame our face and deliver an immediate lift and life to our faces. This treatment will help accentuate all the right features.

This package includes shaping and tinting. 


- Treatment for maintenance will be discussed at your appointment

- The length that your shaping and tint will last is determined on a number of factors but can last up to eight weeks

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