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Scarring & Pigmentation

Is this you? If you are here or have been here, you know how annoying it can be to feel the need to cover up or consistently waste time on products that promise and don’t deliver. For best results with scarring and Pigmentation, including Melasma, marrying series of treatments with Homecare will get you the best results. Medical grade skincare delivers results and ZO is your answer.

This is the signature formula to really see the results you are looking for.

Treatment Options:

Suggested Home Care Options:

- Microneedling

- ZO Stimulator Peel Series

- Dermaplane plus Chemical Peels

- ZO Advanced Radical Night Repair

- ZO Daily Power Defense

- ZO Growth Factor Serum

Suggested Home Care Options:

- Skin Vitamin A

- Skin Ultimate

- Skin Collagen Support

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