& Hair Removal

The most luxurious cutting edge treatments offered exclusively at Skin Essentials

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Body Sugaring

*Forget the wax and throw away your razors for good

Skin Essentials we ARE the experts to keep you uncovered while ditching the razor altogether.


Body Sugaring Services:

- Arms

- Bikini

- Brazilian

- Tummy

- Chest

- Lower Leg

Facial Sugaring

*Ditch the wax, razors, and feel smooth

Push the dried-out wax to the side and use a proven system to remove even the shortest of hairs.

Facial Sugaring Services:

- Eyebrow

- Lip

- Chin

- Full Face (Chin, Lip & Cheeks)

- Face (Brow, Lip, Chin & Cheeks)

- Neck

*Waxing available upon request